About us

Maison Plan started with a really simple idea. What if there was an on-demand service for home repairs. One that didn’t involve homeowners having to going through the hassle of finding reliable and good quality tradespeople for each type of home repair, a process often less than successful. One where all those frustrating day-to-day repairs would be covered as well as emergencies, and which you could call on whenever you needed, without worrying about the cost.

Welcome to Maison Plan. A one stop shop for all home repairs via an affordable monthly subscription.

People sometimes tell us that it seems too good to be true. But we’ve been developing this idea for a while. The business has its origins in MG London, a company providing maintenance to high-end, London residential properties since 2005. Because of this, we have an established team of in-house tradespeople and a vetted pool of sub-contractors who we have been using for years. Our mission is to extend to homeowners the same stress-free repair service enjoyed by renters.

Our management team bring together a wealth of experience in property maintenance, high end interiors and fashion. We understand the importance of your home looking and performing at its best and we want to ensure the same high quality of service we would expect in our own homes.

Our promise

  • We will never try to sell you a service that is not right for you, for instance by suggesting that something needs to be replaced when it can easily be fixed.
  • We will be transparent in our pricing even where that reveals ‘trade secrets’ on increasing revenue such as adding a mark-up on materials.
  • We will pay our employees fair salaries and even our most junior employees will earn significantly above the minimum and living wage.
  • We will operate within an inclusive culture where advancement is based on skills, aptitude and attitude and is welcoming of the entire spectrum ofpeople.
  • In the event of a contested complaint, we will appoint a person not directly involved in the dispute to consider both sides, and make decisions basedon fairness, even where that leads to an adverse finding against us.
Barbara Payne

Barbara Payne

Managing Director


Martin Dale

Martin Dale

Client services director


Allan Wegeland

Allan Wegeland

Director of Operations


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Happy homeowner guarantee

We want you to have confidence when you purchase our service, that it will live up to your reasonable expectations. That’s why we are obsessive about the quality of our work and why we make our happy homeowner guarantee: if our service to you is in any way defective, we will work with you to correct the problem or we will give you your money back.

Step 1

When something goes wrong, as a first step you should contact you Home Manager and raise the matter informally and he/she will try and resolve any issues. In the vast majority of cases simple misunderstandings or problems are resolved at this stage and there is no need for further formality.

Step 2

Where the step above proves unsuccessful, we ask that you raise the matter formally by using the email complaints@maisonplan.com . It’s important that you explain fully why you think our service has fallen below your expectations, what those expectations are, and why you feel we have fallen short. If we need to put matters right, we will do so, either by correcting the wrong or returning you payment.

Step 3

Where the two steps above have been exhausted and have failed to resolve the issue, the matter will be passed to one of our contested complaint agents. These are employees but work in a separate department to service delivery. Their job is to take an impartial look at the evidence and determine an outcome which is fair to both sides and — where the balance is equal, have a bias in favour of the client.

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