Home Audio Visual Systems: Everything You Need to Know

May 8th 2022

We very much live in a digital world, and with this has come the rise of home audio visual systems. AV technology has been around since the early 1900s, in the black and white film era. Nowadays, the fusion of audio and visual is a staple of our everyday life - not to mention our home life.

What is an audio visual system, we hear you ask? Well, an audio visual system essentially does what it says on the tin: it syncs audio and visuals together through a handy screen and speaker setup, creating a multi-sensory entertainment experience!

As technical advances have developed, clever minds have figured out ways to make them more streamlined, efficient, space-saving and fashionable. You could have a system which integrates your whole house whilst hiding all the wires and eliminating the need to have multiple remotes and devices.

Different Types of Home Audio Visual Systems

Moreover, home audio visual systems are an umbrella term for all your favourite forms of home entertainment: from single TV installations to surround sound home cinema systems and from single room audio to fully-fledged centralised home audio. Centralised home audio systems are particularly popular, as they allow audio and video to be distributed throughout all the rooms in your house. Do you enjoy listening to something up-tempo while you're cooking? And how about those more tranquil, relaxing tunes while you're in the bath? Not to mention that go-to post-work party playlist accompanying Friday night wine and nibbles in the living room! Our reliance on audio visual systems certainly spans numerous rooms in our homes - which is why multi-room audio is all the rage! In today's wonderfully wireless age, Bluetooth and Apple Airplay, for example, make it easy to listen to music around your house - generally facilitated by your mobile phone. There is no need for multiple remote controls and way fewer wires tangled like spaghetti - at last!

Popular Audio Visual Brands in 2022

Now, more than ever, consumers expect good value for money (rightfully so!) when purchasing their home audio visual systems: high quality, long-lasting and with an array of unique features. Many brands, such as Sony, Yamaha, Denon and Dolby, have stood the test of time and remain popular in 2022. The Denon AVR-X4700H, for example, is a top of the range AV receiver: an immersive 9-channel amp which includes a built-in audio calibration system.

However, not every audio-visual system has to be super upmarket and high budget. One of the more affordable products may, in fact, be more of what you are looking for. And remember, purchasing these devices does not require a monogamous commitment; on the other hand, as these products are connected through wifi or Bluetooth, you can simply add more members to your AV family as you save more money! AV systems have an app which allows them to be controlled via your smart devices - such as GoogleDot, and other google products with a similar AI element. You can therefore buy more than one and have them in separate rooms in the house for a seamless experience. There are other speaker and home entertainment brands like Sonos, Bose, Denon Yamaha, Audio Pro, Harman Kardon, and more - all of which could meet your specific needs differently, so it is worth researching what is best for you.

Audio Visual Systems: Installation and Maintenance

There are a few ways to install systems, and it may seem overwhelming, but at Maison Plan, we have got you covered! Leave it to us, so you can get on with whatever is higher on your priority list, whether it is picking up the kids on the school run or sitting back to binge-watch your favourite series.

The way the audio visual system will be installed in your home will largely depend on what your AV and organisation goals are and how your home is laid out.

Here at Maison Plan, we can plan the perfect arrangement for your home and entertainment goals that will work best and most seamlessly for you in a manner that fits your lifestyle. Furthermore, we can make sure you get the best value system for whatever your budget may be - big or small.

As we all know, technology can break, and unforeseen things can happen, which makes us despairingly question: "why isn't it working? It was yesterday!". But don't fret - we can help with ongoing maintenance. We can fix your AV system for you or walk you through how to fix it yourself. Sometimes appliances will need updates; sometimes it will be a simple "off and on again" job - or something a little more complicated is causing the issue. Often regular servicing and updates may be required and diagnostics available.

You'd be surprised to learn that most of the time, if an appliance is not working in one room, it just needs to be reconnected. Clean and dust them regularly; this can drastically increase the lifespan and stop them overheating. Finally, Power Cycle your AV system to clear the cache and make sure it is running optimal every few months!

How Maison Plan Can Help

Maison Plan is here to help you with your daily home comfort needs. All the life admin tasks you might be putting off - such as installation - due to your busy schedule, can be done seamlessly for you; all you need to do is sit back and relax! And we don't stop at AV and home entertainment systems: we offer the whole home package.

To see what other services we provide, check out our services page here. Your home - always fabulous!

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