Frequently Asked Questions

Our Services

  • At the moment our service is available in London and all areas inside the M25, however in the near future as resources and logistics allow, we shall be rolling it out to other parts of the country. 

  • Our fees do not include parts and materials. These fees are additional and will be charged to you directly by the supplier if you are ordering the goods. Where you ask us to order the parts and materials, we shall pass on the cost to you plus a handling fee of 25%. There is no handling fee if you order the goods yourself and take delivery.  

  • Yes, our published fees include VAT.

  • We do. Our quoted fees already include our costs for travel, parking and congestion charges. The only exception to this rule is the situation where your account was priced on the basis that there is free parking at or close to your premises and we find that this is not the case.

  • No, we are a home management company that delivers its services on a subscription basis.  

  • This is a very important question. Our repair services do NOT cover conditions which existed prior to the subscription starting. Our repair service only covers matters that arise during your membership. If you wish to resolve some existing repair needs, please speak to your Home Manager and they can arrange a solution outside of your subscription.

  • Yes, subject to our terms and conditions.  If you’re a landlord and have more than one property, please give us a call for preferential rates. 

  • We will of course try to accommodate a specific request. However, we would ask that we work together to find a date and time which works for you and maximises scheduling efficiency of the Maison Plan Home Technicians

  • We consider a home emergency to be an event that is immediately detrimental to your health or is causing significant damage to your home or compromises your home’s security. 

    Emergencies tend to arise from sudden and unexpected events. Examples include an insecure front door, a main drain that is blocked or a water pipe gushing water. A single blocked toilet can constitute an emergency where it is the only one in the home.  

  • No. On an emergency call out we will fix the emergency, for instance board up a broken window or secure a front door. The remedial work to put the home back to the pre-emergency state is not included, for instance to repair a water damaged celling, replace pane of glass or a door.  Your Home Manager can assist you in dealing with dealing with any remedial matters outside your subscription package. However, we would advise that you check with your home insurer before making any decision as the repair may be covered under your policy.

  • Technically no, as your need for a repair arose prior to the start of your membership - and so is not included. However our call handlers do have some discretion, so feel free to give us a call to discuss. If we do agree to deal with your emergency repair, please bear in mind that should you then cancel your contract within the 14 days cooling off period, there will be a charge of £285 plus VAT for each visit carried out by one of our Home Technicians.

  • If you are moving within our area of coverage, we are happy to discuss an early termination of your existing contract in exchange for you taking out a contract to cover your new property. If you are moving outside our area of coverage, we would ask that you terminate your contract the usual way by giving the required notice.

  • Apologies, our services are only available to subscribers.

  • As many as you need. There is no limit on the number of emergency call outs that we attend per year provided that the cause of the emergency arose during your membership, and we deem the call out to be an emergency situation. See question: what you consider to be a home emergency?

  • Simply use the Request a Visit facility on the website or give us a call on the number provided in your password-protected client page.

  • As many as you need. There is no limit on the number of ad hoc repair call outs that we attend per year provided that the need for the repair arose during your membership. An ad hoc repair is any repair which our service covers and which is not an emergency. We endeavour to attend to ad hoc repairs within five days of notification.

  • If one of our Home Technicians attends your home to carry out a repair and it turns out that there is a more serious, underlying cause or the problem is more extensive than was first diagnosed, we will nevertheless seek to carry out the repair. However, where the repair will take longer than six continuous hours (which is rare), you will be asked to pay on an hourly basis for the period exceeding six hours. The person to speak to about this is your Home Manager.

  • You will need to be at home when your Home Manager attends to carry out the Home Condition Report. With other visits you can be present or opt to have someone else present or to provide access when we turn up. As long as we can turn up, get access, do our work and leave, that works for us. 

  • A standard repair visit is where one of our Home Technicians attends your home to carry out a repair for a fault that has arisen during your subscription and where there is no immediate danger to health or property. Standard repair visits are usually carried out within five days of being reported. They differ from emergency visits, where there is an immediate risk to health or property, and which are usually attended to within six hours. 

  • If you selected half-days handyperson as part of your subscription, you may be able to use that time to carry out the works you desire. Alternatively, one of the benefits of subscribing to Maison Plan is that you can tap into all our services at preferential rates and book it through your Home Manager, or by using your smart phone. This is not available to anyone who hasn't subscribed to one of our plans.

  • The basic Maison Plan repair service only covers repairs which arise during your membership. If you already have repairs that need fixing even before you join, you can select to add one or two handyperson half-days to your subscription. These handyperson half-days can be used for any repair, maintenance or improvement task, be it new or old.

Our company

  • Our policy is always to use in-house employees whenever we can. Where it is not possible to do so because of operational surges or unusual skills, we will use industry partners chosen carefully for their reliability and quality of work.  Either case, we take responsibly for the work. Unlike online directories, the buck stops with us.  

  • Maison Plan evolved from MG London which has been trading in London since 2017, operating in the luxury home sector.  In 2022 the company changed to a subscription-based charging model to reflect the needs of the modern homeowner.

  • Yes, even our lowest paid eligible employee will earn at or above the level of the London Living Wage.

  • Yes, we have Public Liability cover up to £5,000,000.

Your subscription

  • Maison Plan is designed to be an ongoing service providing you with the support you need to keep your home in good repair. Because Maison Plan do not invoice for most of our work, either upfront or on completion, but rely instead on regular subscription payments, the subscription period must cover a minimum period in order to make the agreement commercially viable.

  • Our contracts all have a minimum period of membership which is selected by you at the outset. This can be 12, 24 or 36 months. The contract cannot be cancelled during this minimum period. After this minimum period has expired, you can cancel your membership anytime by giving three months’ notice.  

    If you want your contract to end exactly at the end of its minimum period, just let us know three months before that date, otherwise the contract will simply roll on day to day until you terminate it by giving us three months’ notice.

  • Apologies, at the moment we do not accept annual payment, only monthly.

  • Yes. Sometimes plans change. We understand that. All visits can be cancelled by giving notice of two full days before the visit is due without any adverse consequence. 

    Where visits are cancelled without two full days’ notice, or we are unable to gain entry, you can book a repeat visit but must wait 14 days. Where repeated cancellations occur, you may forfeit entitlement to a visit for the same purpose during the year in question.

  • Your dedicated Home Manager is your first point of contact to take care of any issues. This is backed up by our three-step Happy homeowner guarantee available on our website.                                                                                       

  • Co-pay is a contribution that you can elect to make for an each repair call-out that you make, and in so doing reduce the monthly subscription fees. For example, if the monthly subscription fees are £70, you can reduce these to £45 by electing to make a co-pay of £60 (£50 + VAT) for each repair call-out that you make. By electing to pay £60, you reduce your monthly fees.

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