unlimited emergency repair call outs

unlimited non-emergency call outs

unlimited emergency repair call outs

unlimited non-emergency call outs

Maison plan is designed for hassle-free home ownership.

Maison Plan is a subscription service offering a comprehensive list of emergency and non-emergency home repairs, available on demand. Once you sign-up, we will be there by your side whenever you need us. As often as you need us. And when a problem arises, you simply use your mobile phone to snap, report and consider it actioned.
It works like this.

We can hang pictures and mirrors on your walls

We can mend broken taps in your sink and your bath

We can fit a child-safety gate in your home

We can fix broken tiles in your bathroom

We can fix light fittings in high ceilings

We can test smoke detectors in your kitchen

We can pressure-wash your garden decking

We can paint your hall in rose or any other colour you like

We can make your home child-safe

We can replace your broken shower head

We can send a locksmith to your home if you are locked out

We can paint your windowsills to stop them rotting

We can wallpaper your main bedroom and any other room

We can mow your garden lawn

We can fix a carbon monoxide detector in your home

We can trim doors when they’re stiff and difficult to open

We can clear your gutters of autumn leaves

We can lubricate hinges on your doors

We can clear waste from your patio

We can deep clean your carpets

We can remove a wasps' nest from your home

We can mount televisions on your walls

We can fix an emergency tarpaulin if your roof blows off in a storm

We can fix toilets seats in your lavatory

We will treat pest infestations in your home

We can patch and smooth holes in your interior walls

We can replace broken panels in your garden fencing

We can unblock your kitchen drain

We can replace light switches when they’re broken

We assemble furniture when you need it

We replace handles on your doors

We move furniture in your home

We can replace batteries in your appliances

We repair gates that swell in winter

We’re there to help you for any home emergency

We replace sockets when they’re damaged

We repair flush mechanisms on WCs

We fix the boiler when the heating breaks down

We fit blinds and curtains in your bedroom

We unblock drains outside your home

We paint your front door in black or any other colour

We can update your interior design

We fix a leaking pipe in your home

We inspect your home annually and produce a Home Condition Report

We suggest ideas for your home décor

We can install washing machine and dishwasher in your home

We re-grout the tiling in your bathroom wall

We fit cat-flaps on your garden door

We can mend that broken spindle

We can re-fix that loose radiator to the wall

We can repair the staining on your ceiling

We can replace your broken handles


We appoint a Home Manager

As soon as you sign-up, we appoint your own Home Manager to act as a single point of contact for all relevant matters relating to your home.


We carry out an inspection of your home

Your Home Manager will attend your home, carry out a home inspection and produce a Home Condition Report. This report will provide a snapshot on the condition of your home and alert us to any areas already in need of repair. These pre-existing repairs are not included in your subscription but may be dealt with under separate agreement.


You enjoy unlimited home repairs, both large and small

You are now ready to enjoy unlimited home repair visits as and when the need arises. When something goes wrong, you report it to us using your smart phone and our easy-to-use form. We will call you to determine whether it requires urgent attention, within six hours, or whether it is non-urgent and can wait up to five days. That’s it. Its’ that simple.


Flexibility to add other services at reduced rates

Where a repair is not included in the monthly subscription, for instance where the fault existed before you joined, or where you wish to add non-repair services like gutter clearing, or you’ve bought something new that needs to be installed, put up or assembled – like a new blind, some new paintings or assembling a piece of furniture, simply contact your Home Manager and it can all be arranged.

Get a month’s free subscription
when you refer a friend

If you’re happy with our service and would like to pass on the good news, we’d love for you to recommend us to other homeowners who may benefit from our service. To say thank you, we’ll give you a month’s free subscription for each successful referral. Your friend will also benefit and receive their first month of subscription for free.