Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Maison Plan subscription service


1.    This Agreement governs the relationship between You, the person that purchased our service, as the consumer of Our service and Us/We, Maison Plan, as the supplier of those

services. By subscribing to Our service using this website or any other channel, You agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.  Should a conflict arise between this Agreement and any other part of this website or any other literature, this Agreement shall take precedence.


2.    A Maison Plan subscription enables homeowners to call upon a number of pre-agreed home repair services referred to below as Services Included, in exchange for an ongoing monthly fee.


As part of your subscription to Maison Plan, you will enjoy several benefits. These consist of:


3.    Dedicated Home Manager

3.1  Throughout Your membership of Maison Plan, you will have allocated to your account a dedicated Home Manager. This person will be responsible for managing your account and liaising with You on any repairs to be carried out on your home or any other type of work that you select to include in your subscription package, or ask us to carry out as an addition to the subscription package. 


4.    The Home Inspection

4.1  At the start of your membership, you will receive a visit from your allocated Home Manager at a time which is mutually convenient. The purpose of that visit will be to carry out a comprehensive inspection of your home which together with information you provide to us, will inform the contents of Your Home Condition Report. 


5.    The Home Condition Report

5.1 Whilst the Home Condition Report is not a survey and is not intended to detect any structural or latent defects, it will provide a comprehensive snapshot of the repair, maintenance, and decorative state of your home room by room and highlight any areas that over the ensuing year we consider may need attention.


6. Optional Menu of Home Maintenance or Small Improvement Services

6.1 At the point of purchasing Your subscription, You may opt to include any or all of the services listed below in this clause six.


(a) Half day handyperson service: this service consists of one of our Home Technicians making him/herself at your home for up to four hours to carry out as many jobs as you require, and which are not of a specialist nature and can be carried out with a four-hour period. You can use this service for literally dozens of jobs around the home including putting up pictures, fixing shelves to walls, assembling furniture, painting a door, changing a lock, painting a wall, replacing a light switch, and dozens more.

(b) Decking jet wash: this service consists of one of our Home Technicians jet-washing your decking for an area up to 60 square metres.

(c) Guttering clean: this service consists of one of our Home Technicians cleaning your guttering provided your property is no more than two storeys high, excluding living space within the loft area, and that the total length of the guttering to be cleaned is less than 60 metres.

(d) Paving jet wash: this service consists of one of our Home Technicians jet-washing the external paving around the home for an area up to 75 square metres.

(e) Gas boiler service: this service consists of one of our Home Technicians, an engineer, checking your gas boiler and related parts such as the flue, pipework, and meter to evaluate that everything is functioning correctly.

(f) External windows clean: this service consists of one of our Home Technicians cleaning up to 16 windows in your home provided that such windows are no higher than three floors one of which may be carved out of loft space.

(g) Test alarms and detectors: this service consists of one of our Home Technicians testing that the batteries, if relevant, in your burglar alarm and fire alarm are properly functioning. 



7.    Attendance at your Home by Our Home Technicians

7.1  Provided that 14 clear days have elapsed from the date that you joined Maison Plan and that You are not already covered for the repair under a separate policy of insurance (if you are, You must claim on that policy), You are entitled to request that one of Our Home Technicians attend Your home to carry out a repair in Your home, which includes fixtures and

fittings, whenever one of the following circumstances arise:


(a)  We have investigated the matter over phone/video with You and tried to resolve the issue remotely and We determine that there is a need for a repair to be carried out in your home and that need has arisen during your membership, but which is not an emergency. We refer to this as an Ad Hoc repair callout.


(b)  We have investigated the matter over phone/video with You and tried to resolve the issue remotely and We determine that there is a Home Emergency repair which has arisen unexpectedly during membership and that requires immediate attention and a visit. We refer to this as an emergency callout.


7.2    If the need for a repair or Home Emergency repair arises during your membership, but 14 clear days have not elapsed from the date You joined Maison Plan, attendance at Your home by one of Our Home Technicians will be at Our discretion.


Ad Hoc callout visits

8.    Ad Hoc callout visits are intended to deal with any non-emergency repair to your home which is listed in the text of Services Included part of this website, provided that the defect is deemed by us to be capable of being repaired by one of our Home Technicians within a continuous six-hour period including time onsite and time collecting parts and materials and disposing of waste. We endeavour to attend to Ad Hoc repairs within five days.  


Emergency callout visits

9.    An Emergency callout is intended to deal with a Home Emergency. A Home Emergency is an event set out in the text of Services Included part of this website, where that event is immediately detrimental to your health or risks causing immediate damage or further damage to your home or compromises your home’s security. Emergencies tend to

arise from sudden and unexpected events and usually require immediate or almost immediate attention. 


10.  The purpose of a Home Emergency visit is to deal with the immediate emergency by neutralising or mitigating its effects, it will not repair the damage which results from investigating or mitigating the emergency. We endeavour to attend emergency callout visits within six hours.


Our Home Technicians

11.  Your membership of Maison Plan entitles You to multiple visits by Our Home Technicians to your home in order to carry out Services Included as agreed at the outset of this Agreement or as subsequently amended in writing. “Home Technician” is the generic term we use to describe our employees and contractors who are made up of multiple qualifications, skills and professions including general home-menders, carpenters, interior designers, decorators, plumbers, heating engineers, electricians, gardeners and numerous other professions.  


12.  We undertake as part of this Agreement that whatever the particular Works that are scheduled to be carried out during a visit, the Home Technician that attends Your home will always be appropriately qualified for that purpose and will carry out their Work with due care and skill.  


Your obligations to Us

13.  Throughout the life of your subscription, You must cooperate with Us and facilitate Our compliance with Our obligations under this Agreement.  This includes but is not limited to:


(a) Being fully open with Us during the visit by Our Home Manager as to any faults or defects in Your home and to make full disclosure to Us of any repairs required to any part of the interior or exterior of Your home and any facts the existence of which, and knowledge of, might cause any Work scheduled to last longer than would otherwise be anticipated in advance.


(b)  Allowing Us access to you home when we attend to carry out a function under this Agreement. This includes providing access to Your allocated Home Manager and any of Our Home Technicians that attend and agreeing to any reasonable request for access or for information made for the purpose of carrying out an obligation under this Agreement.


(c)  Clearing any areas to be worked on of any personal effects, or other valuable items so as to provide a risk-free working environment for our Home Technician and to reduce any risk of damage to Your possessions. 


(d)  Providing all necessary power and a clean water supply for Our use in the delivery of Our obligations under this Agreement.


14.  You must pay the fees agreed at the outset of this Agreement, including any co-payment fees payable for Emergency and Ad Hoc repair visits where you have selected that option, or any fees agreed to on subsequent dates at the time and in the manner agreed. 


15.  You are liable to pay for the cost of waste disposal and for parts and materials used in, or purchased for, the process of delivering our services to You.


Public liability Insurance

16.  We shall always maintain Public Liability Cover insurance with a minimum cover of £5,000,000.


Data protection

17.  We undertake to process your personal data in accordance with Our Privacy Policy as made available elsewhere on this site.


Website access and security

18.  Access to Our website is provided on an “as is“ basis and on a “as available” basis. We may alter, suspend or discontinue Our website or any part of it at any time. We do not guarantee that Our website will always be available or that access to it will be uninterrupted. If we suspend or discontinue Our website, We will try to give you reasonable notice of Our doing so.

19.  Whilst we will exercise reasonable skill and care to ensure that Our site is secure and free from viruses, malware and other internet security risks, You are responsible for protecting your hardware, software and for keeping Your login details confidential including your password. 


Cooling off period

20.  This Agreement may be cancelled within 14 days of the date of purchase without any penalty provided that no services have been rendered by Us to You during that period. Any services rendered between the start of the Agreement and time of cancellation will incur the following charges. Where the Home Manager has attended the home for the purpose of

creating a Home Condition Report, the subscriber shall be charged £250 plus VAT for a home with four bedrooms or fewer and £350 plus VAT for a home with five bedrooms or more. Where a Home Technician has visited the home, the subscriber shall be charged £285 plus VAT per visit.


Duration of this Agreement

21.  This Agreement shall last for a minimum period of 12, 24 or 36 months as selected by You when You first subscribe to the service. We call this the Initial Period. The Agreement cannot be cancelled during the Initial Period. If you want the Agreement to end on the exact date of the expiration of the Initial Period, You must give Us written notice to cancel at least three calendar months before the expiry of the Initial Period. For example, if you sign up on the 1st of January 2022 for an Initial Period of two years, and you want your membership to end exactly two years later on the 31st of December 2024, You must give us written notice to cancel on or before the 30th of September 2024. 


22.  If You do not give Us written notice to cancel three calendar months before the expiry of the Initial Period, this Agreement will automatically renew on a day-by-day basis until You give Us three months written notice of cancelation and that notice period has expired. 


23.  Please note that Your notice to cancel this Agreement at any time shall not be deemed to have been given until We have confirmed in writing that we have received it.


Changes to this Agreement

24.  Save for the paragraph below, any changes to this Agreement unless they are minimal and/or not detrimental to your rights, can only carried out with Your Consent.  Where Maison Plan seeks to make material changes to this Agreement, We must first write to You and give you at least one calendar months’ notice of any changes.  You are free to refuse to accept the proposed changes in which case the old Agreement will remain in force for remainder of Your subscription.


25.  During the Initial Period subscription prices cannot be increased by Maison Plan. Once the Initial Period has expired, Maison Plan may increase prices once in any rolling 12-month period and any increase shall be limited to a maximum of the CPI rate plus 2% per annum.   


Cancelled or wasted visits

26.  All visits can be cancelled by giving notice of two full days before the visit is due without any adverse consequence. 


27.  Where a visit is cancelled without giving two full days notice or where a visit is not cancelled but our employee is unable to access the property because there is no reply to the doorbell/knocking, the subscriber can book a replacement visit for the same purpose, but that visit must be at least 14 clear days in the future and at a time suitable for our convenience. Where in any 12-month period a second visit is cancelled less than two days before the scheduled time, or there is no access available, the subscriber shall forfeit the entitlement to a visit for the same purpose during the year in question.


28.  Where a Home Manager visit is cancelled without giving two full days’ notice or where a Home Manager visit is not cancelled but our employee is unable to access the property because there is no reply to the doorbell/knocking, the subscriber can book a replacement visit for the same purpose, but that visit must be at least 14 clear days in the future and at a time suitable for our convenience. 


Exclusions & limitations

29.  Maison Plan subscription is intended to keep subscribers’ homes in good repair. It is not intended or suitable for Works which are part of a home renovation or improvement process, and such Works are excluded from Maison Plan subscription. 


30.  Maison Plan subscription repair service does not cover pre-existing conditions, that is: repairs where the fault, defect or cause of the repair arose prior to membership. This exclusion for pre-existing conditions only applies to the repair service, members may still have old, pre-existing repairs fixed if they add the handyperson half day option to their subscription package.  The handyperson half-day option(s) may be used for any repair, maintenance or improvement purpose, be it pre-existing or new.


31. Maison Plan repair service is not suitable for and does not include the repair of defects or damage which are caused by gradual long-term deterioration in performance, and/or caused by ordinary wear and tear or where the object of the repair has not been properly installed, maintained or serviced.


32.  Maison Plan subscription provides access to a bundle of home repair services. Whilst such Works may be included as part of the subscription, parts and materials used to carry out the Works, including cost of delivery, are not so included and will be charged as extra. 


33.  Unless agreed in writing between Maison Plan and You, You will be responsible for the cost of removal of waste from your home.


34.  Maison Plan does not add any mark up to the costs of waste disposal or to the parts and materials used provided that the subscriber sources, orders, pays for and arranges the collection and disposal of waste or the delivery of such parts and materials to the place where they are needed. Where the collection and disposal of waste and/or the parts and materials are procured by or ordered by Maison Plan on Your behalf they will carry a 25% mark up on cost price.


35.  Maison Plan subscription includes emergency callouts as described above. Where the process of dealing with the emergency, including finding its cause, or the emergency event itself, has caused damage to other parts or areas of the home (for example a leaking pipe requires that ceiling be damaged to allow access for repair), the repair of such damage is not included in the Works that constitute an emergency callout. 


36.  Maison Plan subscription includes Ad Hoc callouts as described above. Where the process of dealing with the repair, including finding the cause of the problem, or the repair event itself, has caused damage to other parts or areas of the home (for example a built-in defective cistern required old tiles to be removed and damaged), the repair of such damage is not included in the Works that constitute an Ad Hoc callout. 


37.  Emergency callout events and/or Ad Hoc callout events which are deliberately caused or permitted by the subscriber are excluded from the benefits of Your Maison Plan subscription. 


38.  For the avoidance of doubt, Services Included or Works apply exclusively to the home covered under this Agreement as given to Us at the outset. We refer to this as Your home.


39.  Your home includes fixtures and fittings but, save where expressly stated to the contrary, it does not include furniture, or any other possessions found inside or outside Your home and Services Included or Works do not apply to such articles.


40.  Any repair or emergency event which is not mentioned in the text area of the Services Included or Services Included part of our website as being included in this Agreement is to be taken as being excluded. This exclusion applies to, for example, any repairs to the roof (save for emergency covering) or any other structural part of your home.


Jurisdiction and validity of Agreement

41.  If any part of this Agreement is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the remainder of this Agreement shall not be affected.


42.  This Agreement shall be interpreted under and governed by the laws of England and Wales.

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